About Us


Weighed In Racing is brought to you by me, Gordon Millard, an avid racing fan for as long as i care to remember.

I started out back in 2013 just popping up the occasional selection on twitter and eventually caught a bug that i just can’t shake.

So from there the website/ blog was born where i would put up my daily selections for all to see. Over the years we have teased and tweaked as a constant in order to provide the best possible service we could muster.

We have trialed many different formats over that time, some good, some not so good, and met some fantastic people along the way too, most noteably the members of the TippingTeam.

To find out more about the team please visit the Members Area.

Where are we at today then ?

Well in our constant evoluotion we recently (July 17) made the decision that we will no longer be a FREE to all service.

The service now will still contain lots of FREE content but will also have a Members Only area.

Membership is gained by a charity donation, details of which can be found on the Members Area

We are easily contactable to answer any questions you may have and you can find us via the Contacts Page.

Enjoy the site

Gordon Millard